Japanese Delegation Sent to the World Convention

The Federation Entopeene des Associations de Conseils en Organisation (FEACO) is the ruling body of management consultancies in Europe. In 1984, Zen-Noh-Ren sent a group of Japanese observers (as a non-regular FEACO member) to the FEACO Conference which is the world conference of management consultants held every year in Europe. Since then, a Japanese delegation has attended each world MC Conference. Management consultants in America, Europe, and other parts of the world are keenly interested in Japanese management, and significant discussions and exchanges of opinions on the subject take place every year.
The first world management consultants conference was held in France in May 1987, the second conference was held in the United States in 1990, the third conference was in Italy in 1993, and the fourth world conference took place in Yokohama, Japan in September 1987, hosted by Zen-Noh-Ren with the joint sponsorship of FEACO/ACME of the United States. In October 2000, the 5th world conference was held in Berlin, Germany, and Zen-Noh-Ren sent a group of 20-odd members to exchange ideas with management consultants from different countries.
Since 2002, Zen-Noh-Ren has been sending a group of Japanese representatives to the FEACO International Conference.