The All Japan Federation of Management Organizations was established in 1949, consolidating all of the management organizations that then existed in Japan with the aim of earning favorable public opinion, promoting the idea of efficiency, and materializing this idea through the mutual cooperation of member organizations.
On April 3, 1950, the establishment of the Federation was officially approved by the Minister of the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry. In the half century since then, we have extended our mission of promoting management as science and made a major contribution to the sound development of the Japanese economy and to international society through exchange and cooperation with Japanese and foreign bodies concerned with management administration as science, while also providing information and education. We have operated as a pioneering federation that solely consists of management-related organizations.

Given its origins, the key feature of the All Japan Federation of Management Organizations (Zen-Noh-Ren) is that while member organizations promote management as science through education, information, and guidance provided directly to general companies and others, Zen-Noh-Ren supports the execution of management as science as practiced by Japanese and foreign management organizations through information gathering, research and opportunities such as conferences. It also develops services that might be difficult for individual organizations to provide, including the registration of qualifications and designations and the certification of management consultants.

Given the recent socioeconomic outlook, we intend to focus on sending excellent consultants out into the world and on voluntary regulations for management-related qualifications and designations.
Especially today, the registration of leading qualifications and designations based on the voluntary regulation of management-related qualifications and designations is now a matter of great importance. To protect consumers from the so-called samurai business practices that take advantage of increasing demand for qualifications in response to changes in the environment surrounding employment and the more severe tactics used, and to avoid misleading people into thinking that excellent qualifications and designations represent samurai business practice, we believe the following:

  1. It is necessary to communicate as widely as possible the qualifications and designations that Zen-Noh-Ren authorizes for registration as excellent qualifications and designations.
  2. It is also necessary to create new qualifications that will become indispensable for dealing with present job-opening and employment issues through cooperation with member and non-member management organizations as soon as possible.

※”Zen-Noh-ren” is an abbreviation of a Japanese word, meaning the “All Japan Federation of Management Organizations”.