Ethical Standards

Zen-Noh-Ren is a combined body of professional institutes that aim to disseminate and improve the concepts and practices of management. As the only body of its kind, Zen-Noh-Ren has contributed to the development of the industry.
Zen-Noh-Ren recognized that the activities of our member organizations rely to a great degree on ethics and should be carried out in accordance with a high level of ethical standards. We have therefore established these guidelines for the purpose of earning the trust of all the corporate community by fulfilling our mission and social responsibility.

Basic Platform
  1. Be trustworthy
    We shall adhere to the high ethical standards, and contribute to the public welfare.
  2. Enhance the process reliability
    We shall strive to develop sophisticated and effective technologies and also engage in constant capability development.
  3. Enhance reliability of results
    We shall provide a high-level of services.
Code of Professional Conduct

Member organizations of Zen-Noh-Ren set out their own code of professional conduct at their own responsibility following the code of conduct applied to the “general open business” and the code of conduct applied to the “consultation service” as a guideline under the spirit of the ethical standards.
Member organizations can take this opportunity to review the existing code of professional conduct and, if required based on the objective of the ethical standards, revise the code of professional conduct.
Zen-Noh-Ren will impose sanctions on any member organization that fails to adhere to the ethical standards, based on the provision set out in its Articles of Association.