National Efficiency Conference

Part I : the Main Conference

The National Efficiency Conference was held every year from 1949, Business owners, managers, management consultants and many others who are interested in business management get together from all over the country, attending lectures from leading speakers who suggest solutions to important problems facing businesses, and the conference also serves as a place where corporations present their cases.
At the 52nd National Efficiency Conference in 2000, we made a fresh start based on the theme of “Pursuing State-of-the-Art Management,” with the aim of helping to improve Japanese industrial competitive strength.

Part II : Paper Presentation Session

This session is for presentations/discussions of research papers submitted from all over Japan for evaluation/selection for the purpose of the exchange and study of management techniques and theories.
The opportunity is given not only to management consultants but also to those who aspire to be management consultants and those people who are in charge of practice, guidance and management improvement in business management. The Economy, Trade & Industry Minister Award is presented for the best paper, and the Director-General Award of Economic & Industrial Policy Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry award is given for the next-best paper. In addition, the Zen-Noh-Ren award is presented to the remainder of the selected authors. All selected authors also receive cash awards and/or prizes from the Ueno/Godo/Yamashita Foundation, which is named after three great pioneers in the area of productivity improvement in Japan.