The All Japan Federation of Management Organizations (Zen-Noh-Ren) was founded in 1949. Like FEACO in Europe and AMCF in the United States of America, Zen-Noh-Ren plays a key role as the only federation of management consultancy organizations in Japan.

Our main objective is to promote management as a science. Namely, the goal of Zen-Noh-Ren is to contribute to the development of Japan’s industry and economy not only by bolstering communication and information exchange within the industry as a federation of management-related organizations involved in the promotion and improvement of management, but also by providing management-related services.

A few of our past activities include hosting Parts I and II of the National Efficiency Conference, dispatching Japanese delegations to FEACO conferences, introducing voluntary regulations on management-related qualifications and designations, and creating a registration system for certified management consultants. With this last, for further system innovation, we terminated the initial system in 1999, which had exclusively dealt with consultants belonging to member organizations, and worked to set up a new system so that non-member consultants can also be certified under the new system. Every year, we are certifying management consultants with international management consulting licenses,CMC.

The world today is paying close attention to Japanese management, which has successfully overcome innumerable difficulties since World War II. International observers are keen to see how Japanese management will change going forward. Companies in Japan can no longer succeed globally without taking steps to revamp their management style.

In this time of economic challenge, not only industry but other sectors of the economy are looking to management consulting organizations with great expectations for solutions to the issues they face. Recognizing a need to expand and upgrade our activities, we plan to strengthen our functions and organization.

As we pursue this initiative, we hope that we might be able to count on the continued support of all related organizations, industry, and the general public.