Management Consultant Certification Program

The Management Consultant Registration System had been in effect for 13 years since 1986, registering Zen-Noh-Ren management consultants who belonged to member organizations based on certain criteria. Later, however, this program, which was limited to members, was changed. Effective April 1, 1999, Zen-Noh Ren established the Management Consultant Certification System and commenced certification.
This Management Consultant Certification System is the only system in Japan to evaluate and certify active management consultants irrespective of race and nationality.
In 1998, Zen-Noh-Ren joined the International Council of Management Consultants (ICMC), which certifies Certified Management Consultants (CMC) as the de facto world standard in management consulting.
Consequently, those management consultants certified by Zen-Noh-Ren automatically qualify as a CMC certified by ICMCI.
Now, about 1,000 management consultants had been certified by Zen-Noh-Ren.

The “CMC” is a name of certification , which means “the certified Management Consultant”. For further details, please refer to this link (ICMCI website).

If you have any comments or troubles with our CMC members, please contact our “Qualifications Screening Committee: <Email:>